Services - Tgreen - Landscape maintenance
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What I can do for you

Maintenance of existing indoor greenery

I am here to help. Tgreen Life is committed to bringing nature to your home or workplace injecting life. I provide interior landscaping services including consultations, planning, installation and maintenance.

Consultancy for indoor and outdoor greenery

I can select plants appropriate for your space, condition and light and personalize them to your needs and body energy.

Stuff wellbeing program

Reuniting nature with mankind, using plants and yoga practice as a key tools. Refine your environment by choosing plants that are suitable for your business or personal needs. It will result in an aesthetic, harmonized area which will promote calmness, relieve stress, boost immunity and increase productivity of it's occupants. Yoga practice as a part of stuff working hours will improve physically and mental health of your employees.


The fast Dubai life pace sometimes make us forget we are part of nature. As a certified yoga instructor, I understand that combining love for plants and practicing this ancient discipline improves mental, spiritual and physical conditions in every human being.

So find your green corner and start with yoga…