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What I can do for you

Maintenance of existing indoor greenery

Proposal and consultancy for indoor and outdoor greenery

Stuff wellbeing program

Hello and Welcome to my world…

As a nature loving yogi, I run an indoor plant service that is based in Dubai, UAE. I incorporate a green philosophy into your work and home space. Reuniting nature with mankind, where it belongs, I refine your environment by choosing plants that are suitable for your businesses or personal needs, resulting in an aesthetic, harmonized area. Promoting calmness, relieving stress, boosting immunity and increasing productivity of its occupants.

landscape maintenance

What I can do for you

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As a certified yoga instructor, I have learned that to achieve and maintain inner balance, it is essential to combine nature with everyday practice.

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Have you ever thought about the amount

of time you spend indoors?
Could you imagine that the average person spends

87% of their life indoors?

Indoors where pollutants can be five times higher than outdoor concentrations!

I believe we urgently need to improve these areas and reap the mental, physical and social benefits that will be our reward.

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